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MessageSujet: MURATA News   Sam 15 Déc - 2:55

Hi everyone! sunny

as you all know Ranji Murata is for me like a master, and I Like to follow is work dat afte day,
and those days Wanimagazine (Robot, Genaltine...) is inaugurating a new magazine: 138°c
with a funy cover of the Zasshisensei:

(there was a preview Doujinshi on Yahoo for this event and the seller did not want to sell it to me! >_<
I have his adress! ^v^))

Always a lot of things (like the new project of Q. Hayashida) very exciting in regards of what we have anywere else!*v*

off topic:
I'm not very fan of what Wani is doing even if I realy respect them deeply, I won't share with you the adress of the website, it's all about what I'm crying for concerning Japan,
it surenders sex addiction that USA gave to them so as to became vegetables;
and they did the same in France by corrupting our elite with hardcore sex behaviour (cf. Balaie roses, Coral affair, DSK, J. Lang in Maroco....)
But Wani is a very small structure and they tried to stand independant. And In japan it's very hard to keep this attitude without being into Hechi/hentai.
But this is one more time an other probem...

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